Marek Grygiel's Lecture
October 29, 2011

On 29 October 2011 Marek Grygiel delivered a a lecture on contemporary photography at the Center for Urban History "Photography in era of evolution of contemporary mass media".

Marek Grygiel was born in 1951 in Tarnow, Poland. Since 1979 he’s working in Mala Gallery of the Union of Polish Art Photographers in Warsaw. He is photography curator in Centre of Contemporay Art in Warsaw (Poland) since 1990 (curated over 50 exhibitions). He is a Honorary Member of the Union Polish Art Photographers. He was a curator of some international photo exhibitions in Germany, Austria, France, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Great Britain, Estonia, Japan. He’s founder and editor in chief of FOTOTAPETA magzine (1992) internet version (1997) and since 1995 is working as picture editor in Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper, one of the biggest newspapers in Central Europe.

His major focus is on contemporary photography as art form and also some new documentary and journalistic photography connected with mass media. He is interested in viewing conceptual, experimental, humanistic photography and issue-oriented work.