Programming the Future
November 26, 2010

On 26-26 November 2010 at the Center for Urban History a futurological congress took place.

The futurological congress is an international project that has as its goal actualizing the problems of thinking about and planning the future, which have deeply and ironically been described by the well-known literary classic and Lviv native -- Stanislaw Lem. 

We strive to enlist the community of educators, artists and independent creators (programmers, media activists, curators and culturologists, etc.) who are not indifferent to the theme of the future, its programming, control, reevaluation, creation and anticipation. Using the analogy of cyberneticists, we think of "programming" as putting together the leading code for the atomization of the management system. If it is reality, it is a system, and then the future is a completely programmed part of its component. When we program the future, we try to establish control over the unknown and change the system code in order to have influence over it. We want to get closer to the creator, who is correcting new realities, using our knowledge (which is always the past) and even want to chuck that which we don’t completely clearly imagine.

More detailed information about the congress blocks is available here (in Ukrainian).

The congress program (in Ukrainian).

Congress participants (in Ukrainian).