Cybernetics in the Soviet Union
June 15, 2019
Event Cancelled! On June 15, 2019, at 4 pm, welcome to the lecture and book presentation by Ianina Prudenko "Cybernetics in Humanities and Arts in the Soviet Union" (M.: Center for Modern Art "Garazh", 2019).

Key issues to be discussed during the presentation / lecture are in line with the key questions raised in the book. Why did Soviet Cybernetics fail? What was the role of philosophy and cinematography in its persecution and establishment? Which humanities and why did they use cybernetics in the Soviet Union? What was the Soviet cybernetics art like, who was producing it and why did everyone forget about it? Why did they fail to keep successiveness between Soviet and post-Soviet artists who worked with digital tools? What is the "other aesthetics" and what is its role in the history of academic aesthetics?

Ianina Prudenko, Candidate of Philosophy, curator of the Open Archives of Ukrainian Media Art.

Photo: illustration to the book by Kondratov A.M. "Number and Thought" (M., 1963)