Weekend with Ginczanka
December 8, 2018

On December 8 and 9, 2018, welcome to the "Weekend with Zuzanna Ginczanka." It is a two-day event, as part of the exhibition "Zuzanna Ginczanka. Only Happiness is Real Life" taking place at the Center for Urban History in Lviv. The program includes a city walk along the sites related to Ginczanka and other women writers of the interwar and Soviet Lviv; film screening by Maria Stauber's "Zuza i Lusia" about the grandeur of poetry and female friendship; curatorial tour at the exhibition; panel discussion on the constellation of women writers in Lviv in the period before, during, and after the WW2.

Zuzanna Ginczanka was born on March, 9, 1917, in Kyiv, raised by her grandmother in Rivne, where she was influenced by Polish romantic literature and chose to study at the Polish school, while opting for the Polish language to compose her poems. The poetess was part of bohemian world of the interwar Warsaw. In 1936, she published a collection of her poems "O centaurach" ("On Centaurs"). She also published her texts in the contemporary literary and satirical magazines. She lived in Kyiv, Rivne, Warsaw, Lviv, and Krakow. Because of her Jewish origin, she was arrested by gestapo, and was shot down in Krakow, presumably in the spring, 1944.

December 8, 2018 (Sat), 12 am - 3 pm
• City Walk (in Polish)
The excursion will be conducted by: Iryna Frys and Ostap Slyvynskyi.

December 8, 2018 (Sat), 4-5 pm
• Film Screening "Zuza i Lusia" by Maria Stauber 2016, 34 min.
Venue: Conference room of the Center for Urban History, 6 Bohomoltsia Street
The film in Polish, with simultaneous interpreting into Ukrainian.

December 9, 2018 (Sun), 2-3 pm
• Curatorial tour at the exhibition "Zuzanna Ginczanka. Only Happiness is Real Life"
Venue: Exhibition room of at the Center for Urban History, 6 Bohomoltsia Street
Curatorial tour in the Polish language: Joanna Pogorzelska, Sylvia Szymaniak

December 9, 2018 (Sun), 4 – 5.30 pm
• Discussion panel "Between Warsaw and Lviv: Zuzanna Ginczanka and Other Women Writers Through the Prism of Literary Milieus of the 1920-1940s. Their Literary Heritage in Ukraine and Poland."
Venue: Franko House – Lviv National Literary Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko, 150/152 Franko Street, Lviv.
Participants: Agata Araszkiewicz (Poland/Belgium), Iryna Frys (Ukraine), Danylo Ilnytskyi (Ukraine), Bozhena Keff (Poland), Viktor Martyniuk (Ukraine), Ostap Slyvynskyi (Ukraine)
Moderators: Joanna Pogorzelska (Poland), Sylvia Szymaniak (Poland)
Discussion in the Polish language, simultaneous interpretation into Ukrainian.

• Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv 
• Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature in Warsaw 
• Polish Modern Art Foundation, Warsaw 

Under the patronage of 
• Consulate General of the Republic of Poland to Lviv  

• Franko House, Lviv 
• Department of Polish Philology of Ivan Franko National University, Lviv 
• Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw 
• The Society of Authors ZAiKS, Warsaw