Center's Fellow
October 10, 2018

Piotr Olechowski  will be the monthly Fellow at the Center in October, 2018Piotr  is a doctoral student at the Institute of History of Rzesów University. His current research for his doctoral thesis on "Poles in Lviv in 1944-1959" covers all aspects of life of Polish people in the Soviet Lviv, such as displacement of Polish citizens in the 1940/50s, official Polish institutions ("Union of Polish Patriots", "Czerwony Sztandar" newspaper), Polish language schooling, Roman Catholic church, Polish intelligentsia within urban space, Polish theater, book printing, radio broadcasting, everyday lifestyles, contacts with Poland, repressions from authorities, etc. Piotr explores these issues from the perspectives of functioning of a multiethnic environment under conditions of shaping a totalitarian regime and overcoming interethnic (inter-national) conflicts.

During his stay in Lviv, Piotr will continue working on his doctoral thesis in the archives and libraries of Lviv, and other places in the western Ukraine. In addition, Piotr Olechowski will be engaged with the Lviv Interactive project, to help contribute to it with historical references about places and persons related to the Polish community of the city of Lviv.