Literary Lviv
October 20, 2018
In October, welcome to join city walks guiding you along literary Lviv of the interwar and Soviet periods. They will be part of a public program to support the exhibition "Zuzanna Ginczanka. Real Life Is Only About Happiness." The exhibition is an attempt to visualize a personality and creative legacy of a Polish poetess of Jewish origin (1917-1943/44), while the walks will help you learn the story of  the literary milieu through the urban space.

City walks will be guided by the tandem of Iryna Frys and Ostap Slyvynskyi.

Ostap Slyvynskyi is a poet and translator, a literary scholar, a critic, and essayist. Author of the book "Winter King".
Iryna Frys is a literary scholar, translator, a Polish Studies scholar (Polish philology).

The dates for the walks will be further announced – follow the website updates and Facebook profile of the Center.
Free attendance.