Guided Tours
November 22, 2017

In November, we continue the series of discussions at the "(un)named" exhibition. Welcome to author guided excursions by a historian and researcher Andriy Usach (November, 1) who is going to tell about local perpetrators of the Holocaust in the occupied Ukraine through the life stories of individual people. Nikita Kadan, author of art pieces to the exhibition will be talking about  politics of reading the images and  uncertainty as an artist’s tool (November, 8). Iryna Sklokina, a historian and researcher of the Center for Urban History, will tell about memories of war and manipulations with historical photos (November, 15). To conclude, Sofia Dyak will conduct a mentor’s talk at the “(un)named” exhibition (November, 22). 

All excursions are traditionally taking place on Wednesdays, at 6.30 pm. Stay tuned with the Center’s Facebook page.