Home Movie Day
October 23, 2017

On October, 23, at 6.30 p.m., the conference hall of the Center was hosted celebration of the International Home Movie Day. Urban Media Archive was presented their activities and the materials from private collections digitized this year, as well as home movie shows and their discussion.

On October, 9-13, the Urban Media Archive had the Doors Open Days. Throughout the week, anyone interested had a chance to bring their own 8mm and 16mm films for the free of charge digitization. We are going to show these new items on the International Home Movies Day through the analogue motion pictures projectors. The visitors could share their memories and reflections in a home setting.

The importance of home movie heritage and the need to preserve it have been actualized quite recently. The new digital technologies helped to take another perspective on the home videos. Since the 8mm format did not provide for the opportunity to replicate and copy, all the materials only exist in single copies. It considerably excluded, or at least complicated the chance to be included in a wider circulation and research. Today, home movies are becoming part of digital archives all over the world, thus treated as general cultural heritage of the mankind and an accessible evidence of our history.

The International Home Movie Day is the celebration of amateur films and movies annually held in October in many places all over. The activities on this day allow individuals and families watching and sharing their own home movies, seeing their neighbors, a.o. It is a chance to learn why these movies should be taken care of and how to best manage them.

More details on the International Home Movie Day you can find here.