Pidzamche Spaces
February 21, 2017

The "Lviv Interactive" project launches an updated webpage to study one of the oldest districts of Lviv "Pidzamche: Places and Spaces".

The project tackles the questions about "social spaces" making the Pidzamche. The former market of "Krakidaly", a railway station, the sites of the destroyed synagogues, industrial facilities interspersed with the residential housing – those are only some of the spaces combined in an informal name of the area. Their present-day view had been shaped by a complicated history, from the princedom times to the 19-20th c. industrialization.

The goal of the study is to determine significant spaces of Pidzamche, to define the dynamics of development and mutual links and impacts, to correlate them with specific objects and areas on the district map.

The project summarizes the many years of findings of the Center for Urban History about this neighbourhood. The updated page combines materials collected by the teams of researchers within several projects.

In February – December 2012, the Center for Urban History, jointly with the Center for European Studies (Lund, Sweden), and in cooperation with the museum "Territory of Terror", were doing a research project "Searching for Home" in a Post-war Lviv. Pidzamche Experience, 1944-1960."

The webpage also uses excerpts from the interviews with the Pidzamche residents taken in summer 2012.

Some explorations of the buildings in the area were conducted within an international project "Revitalization of Pidzamche" implemented by the Institute of the City (Lviv) and the Institute for Development of Cities (Cracow) in 2013-2014.

The webpage of the research was also contributed to by the "Lviv Interactive" project team.

Welcome to learn more about the project and to jointly search for the constituent parts of Pidzamche.