Guided Tour
February 22, 2017

Welcome on February, 22, 2017, at 18:30, to the author guided tour along the exhibition "Tomorrow Will Be Better" with Vasyl Rasevych. 

Photographic images can become sort of ‘windows’ into the past. The images themselves won’t tell much. However, even an unprepared person would immediately spot the turbulence of truly historic change. Photographs are the artifacts of history and the visual element thereof. But they can lose their value without due interpretation and analysis. Vasyl Rasevych is a historian and a publicist. He will try to expand the contexts of Tadeusz Rolke’s photos. He would explicate the ‘codes’ of history on the basis of academic research of the interesting period, and from his own experience. That is why he will be talking not only as a historian but also as an eye-witness of the 1990s developments. The co-author of the exhibition will be telling about the mainstream events of the late 1990s and about mundane things and cultural processes of this near times that have already become history.

Expected duration - 60 min.

Free entry.

Photo by Iryna Sereda