Exhibition "Lviv and Its Inhabitants"
September 10, 2008

On 10-28 September 2008, in the Bandinelli Palace branch of the Lviv History Museum, Rynok Square 2, and at the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Bohomoltsya Street 6, the photo exhibition "Lviv and Its Inhabitants" was displayed to celebrate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the first photograph of Lviv.

Continuing the tradition of the old photograph exhibitions of the 1990’s, the "Shtuka" Art and Creativity Group presented an exhibition illustrating different epochs of Lviv’s city life and its inhabitants. The "Lviv and Its Inhabitants" exhibition was simultaneously held in two venues, each having its own topic.

Old photographs are the bridges connecting history and architecture. They convey the spirit of the past, demonstrate different aspects of urban life and present the image of a by-gone and often idealized Lviv that many seek to rediscover when visiting our city.

In 1841 the Winiarz and Wild bookshop on Rynok Square 2 exhibited one of the first daguerreotypes (a proto-form of photography) showing Lviv. The very building where the first photographs of Lviv were later sold served as the venue for an exhibition about old and famous Lviv photo ateliers of the nineteenth through beginning of the twentieth centuries.

In the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, visitors enjoyed the world of Lviv photography – both artistic and documentary. The exposition unveiled in the Center's new Conference Room was thematically arranged showing rare images of Lviv from the 1860’s through the 1990’s, as well as portrait photos of its inhabitants. Unique panoramic views of Lviv dating to 1861-1975 from a balloon, an airplane, hills and tall buildings highlighted the exhibition space.

In the framework of the exhibition, a round table discussion took place that involved representatives of Lviv museums, archives and printing houses. A catalogue of the exhibition is being planned that will include all the displayed photographs as well as texts of the round table discussion participants’ speeches.

Organizers: NGO "Shtuka" Arts and Creativity Group in partnership with the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe and the Lviv History Museum

The exhibition curator: Iryna Kotlobulatova

The exhibition was organized and displayed with the support of the Lviv City Council