Professor Nancy Wingfield
October 11, 2010

On 11 October 2010 at 5 pm a lecture by Professor Nancy Wingfield entitled "Destination: Alexandria, Buenos Aires, Constantinople: The ‘White-Slavers’ of Bukowina and Galicia in Late Imperial Austria" took place at the Center for Urban History.

Nancy Wingfield discussed "white-slave" trafficking in the last decades of the Habsburg Monarchy. The focus was on both the traffickers and the trafficked in Bukovina and Galicia, the two poorest provinces of Austria and the site of much of the alleged movement of women. Although these women, who were overwhelmingly young and poverty stricken, have long been considered to have lacked agency, a closer examination of the situation reveals a more nuanced picture.

Nancy Wingfield is professor of History at Northern Illinois University (USA).  At present she is doing research for a book-length project on prostitution in late imperial Austria.