April 24, 2020
During this hopefully short time of remote communication, and shift to distance learning, please, be reminded about the useful materials for educators, parents, and school pupils published on the Educational Platform of the Lviv Interactive project.

Here, you can find the finished lesson syllabi, study videos, articles and readers, methods guides, tools, games, and gamification products, reviews and translated essays, best practices and experiences of using digital technologies and interactive learning methods.

Please, take a look at the following materials (available only in Ukrainian):
Idea of the block for teachers is to create a platform for a dialogue between researchers, educators, and pupils. In terms of methods, the materials enable teachers and pupils to engage with various digital tools to study and visualize narratives on the city’s past.  It is an opportunity to make use of the outcomes of the Lviv Interactive project within the context of current school system. We will be happy to see you benefit from the materials. Please, add comments and suggestions about the platform.

For questions and proposals, feel free to contact educational programs coordinator at the Center Khrystyna Boyko