(Un)archiving (Post)industry
March 31, 2020

Due to grant support from the new program "House of Europe", we launch a new project "(Un)archiving (Post)industry: Engaging Heritage and Developing Cultural Infrastructures". In cooperation with the University of St Andrews (UK), Donetsk Regional Local History Museum and the Pokrovsk Historical Museum, we shall digitize photos and videos of industrial epoch and give them a new lease on life. We are looking forward to expeditions and interviews in Donetsk and Lviv regions, a study trip of Ukrainian museum experts to Scotland, a summer camp for artists and researchers who will develop their projects on the basis of the digitized materials, and making an exhibition to be curated by Dmytro BilkoViktoria DonovanVolodymyr Kulikov, and Iryna Sklokina.

We are open for cooperation with the owners of collections, especially from museums and clubs at factories, professional photographers and amateurs! A special focus will be on urban space, industry, social life, and professional and cultural milieus. We are also looking for home videos. All the materials will be digitized and returned to owners, while the digital copies shall be stored in the Center for Urban History and at partner museums.

Anyone interested in the project, please, contact the coordinator Iryna Sklokina:, tel. 0976406351.

We hereby thank the House of Europe for their support to the project. Read more about the program at

Image: Karl Marx mine in Yenakiyevo, Collection: G.S. Pshenychnyi Central State Audiovisual Archive  / Urban Media Archive