General Regional Exhibition
September 7, 2019
On September 7, 2019, at 12.00 am, a city walk will take place "Following the Steps of the 1894 General Regional Exhibition in Lviv."

The 1894 General Regional Exhibition at Stryjska slopes managed to bring together over a million of visitors in just four month in a city with a slightly above 100,000 of population. Industrial and Art pavilions, cultural and technical forums, sports and entertainment, the first electric tram. The event was a demonstration of key achievements of Halychyna at fin de siècle, a platform for intellectual exchange and a brand new leisure site for Lviv citizens. We shall take a walk around the area of the Fair as they did in the late 19th century, and see the actual remains and the virtual facilities that are no longer there. 

The walk will be guided by Roksolana Holovata, a researcher, a post-graduate student at Ukrainian Catholic University and Wroclaw University.

The walk is part of the "Lviv Interactive" project, and is part of the program of the Days of European Heritage in Lviv.