Center's Fellow
September 12, 2018

Martin Rohde will be the monthly Fellow at the Center in September, 2018. 

Martin currently works as a research assistant at the department of Austrian History, University of Innsbruck, where he is researching on the topic “Shevchenko Scientific Society and the Construction of Space and People, 1892–1918“.

His current research, “Ukrainian Public Science in Habsburg Lviv, 1892–1914”, considers changes in approaches to forms and ideas of public science, as well as trends in the development of Ukrainian intelligentsia.

He studied History, German and Slavic Studies at the universities of Salzburg and Göttingen. He conducted several research trips to Lviv, Chernivci, Ternopil and Kyiv, supported by the German-Ukrainian Historians Commission. He also took part in the cooperation project “The Presence of the Past in Urban Space“ between the universities Innsbruck and Chernivci. His latest papers are dealing with the Ukrainian university question in the context of the Habsburg Empire and Ukrainian citizen science in early 20th century Galicia.

 For his research stay at the Center, he works on Ukrainian public science in the context of the Habsburg Empire. To analyze the relation between Ukrainian matters and spaces structured through the state properly, it is necessary to take material from all sides - and in all their languages - into consideration. After working on the same matter in Vienna state archives, he searches for complementary material in the fonds of the respective societies and the Galician government.