Tour for Guides
June 11, 2018
On June 11, at 6.30 pm, tour guides are invited to the guided tour by Rachel Stevens along the exhibition "A Key to the City".

How do you tell about contested histories and tragedies Lviv survived during the WW2 and the Holocaust? How do you identify, visualize, and humanize the heritage of the exterminated and displaced communities that used to live in our city? How do you work with this heritage and local memory within the city’s public space?

These issues are brought forward by the new exhibition at the Center for Urban History. Tour guides of lviv are invited to the author guided tour around the exhibition.

 Number of participants is limited to 15 persons. Registration required before.

The exhibition by Rachel Stevens "A Key to the City" presents three projects that show different aspects of Jewish heritage of Lviv such as commemorating the memory on the liquidation of the ghetto and the Janowska concentration camp 75 years ago; an incredible survival story of 11 Jewish citizens in the city sewers, and the map of 100 Jewish sites of Lviv. These topics are represented through different formats, employing different "languages" of narration on the Holocaust and memory in the city. An art installation, a storytelling, and a digital map help reveal new opportunities and perspectives to include Jewish history sites into the present-day space of Lviv.