Guided Tour
June 8, 2018
On June, 8, 2018, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the guided tour along the exhibition "A Key to the City:  Three Ways of Visualizing Jewish Heritage in Lviv". The exhibition presents three projects that use different ways and formats to tell about Jewish heritage of Lviv. Rachel Stevens initiated the exhibition and developed the concept. Individual sections were also designed by Jack Wright and Taras Nazaruk.

During the excursion, you will learn more about the motivation Rachel Stevens had to opt for the topic, and why it is important for the present-day Lviv. What does the number 75 stand for in the art installation? What is a symbolism that the artist invested into the title "A Key to the City"? Jack Wright will tell about the history of the Higgers family and other Jews who survived during the Holocaust in Lviv hiding for 14 months in the city sewers. Marking and visualizing eight hiding places of the Jews at the exhibition connects the locations to the contemporary spaces of the city and enables talking about the contested history of Lviv and about the memory of the exterminated community of the city. Taras Nazaruk will introduce an interactive map "100 Addresses of Lviv" as a way to make Jewish heritage present through experiences of the map’s compiler, Borys Orach. The map visualizes not only the Jewish heritage sites of Lviv but also indicates how and through which sources Lviv community of the 1990s were rediscovering Jewish Lviv.

During the tour, simultaneous interpretation from English will be provided. Free admission.