Sites of Jewish History
August 7, 2015

On August, 7, 2015, we welcome you to projects presentation of the workshop "Sites of Jewish History in Lviv: Art, Heritage, and Comemoration". The goal of the project is to find the ways to attract attention to communities and people who used to live in the city before the Second World War and the Holocaust. The expected results include opening an exhibition on Jewish history and heritage in public places. It will be exhibited at Koliyivshchyna square in a historical Jewish quarter; at St Theodore square next to the Synagogue at Vuhilna street; and in places of the former Jewish cemetery (at the premises of Krakivsky market).

Jason Francisco, a photographer, critic, curator, professor of Emori University (Atlanta) and Stanford university (Palo Alto) in the USA. Lecturer of Summer school of Jewish history at the Center for Urban History.

Anna Chebotariova, asociologist, a doctoral studentat the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, researcher of the Center for Urban History.

All events take place at "Ratusha" restaurant (1, Rynok Square). The entry is free.


Center for Urban History of East and Central Europe;
German Society for International Cooperation GIZ;
Office for Preservation of Historical Environment of Lviv City Council;
Office for Culture of Lviv City Council.

The program is implemented under the patronage of the Honorary Consulate of the State of Israel in Lviv