Oleksii Musiezdov's Presentation
May 21, 2009

On 21 May 2009 at 5 pm at the Center for Urban History, Oleksii Musiezdov, whose research has been supported by a grant from the Center, presented his work on the topic "The Identity of Kharkiv: Imagining the City and its History." Oleksii Musiezdov teaches at Kharkiv University (Departments of Sociology and Ukrainian Studies). The sociologist focused on ideas about Kharkiv’s unique characteristics.

During the presentation, the following issues on how Kharkiv was perceived by its inhabitants were reviewed:

– how they describe its unique characteristics;
– how the local inhabitants of Kharkiv are characterized;
– which other cities Kharkiv resembles or does not resemble;
– whom its inhabitants look like or do not look like;
– how these common features and differences are expressed;
– what formed the specifics of Kharkiv – which historic stages or events have influenced Kharkiv and its inhabitants most of all;
– how much this image of the city coincides with that which is disseminated by the "ideologists of the city;"
– how Kharkiv was perceived over the course of its history.