Guided Tour
February 8, 2017

Welcome on February, 8, 2017, at 18:30 to join the guided tour along the exhibition "Tomorrow Will Be Better " by Lubomyr Petrenko "The Fourth Power at the Crossroads of Times." 

Lubomyr Petrenko is a journalist, a photographer, and a publicist who joined the designing of the exhibition "Tomorrow Will Be Better". He will tell about the development of standards of new journalism in Lviv in the 1990s. The story will go about the development and shaping of young journalists and the impacts they felt from the West; about the development of opposition and pro-government publications, the influence "Lviv-based" journalism had on the Ukrainian practices, as well as about information and its dissemination.

Open to the public. Expected duration of the tour - 60 min.

Photo by Kateryna Moskaliuk