Events by Month

November 5, 2019 City and the Past in Digital Presentation of the Educational Platform as a Tool for Cultural Heritage Read more
November 6, 2019 Appropriation of Modernism On November, 6, 2019, at 6.30 p.m., welcome to the talk at the exhibition "Phototecture of Modernism" on the contemporary interpretations of modernism in architecture and design, on the tools and practices that try to re-assess it, accept, and appropriate. The talk will engage authors Oleksandra Davydenko and Andriy Puchinin, and the exhibition curator – Nataliya Mysak. Read more
November 12, 2019 SWAP 2019 On November 12, at 6.30 pm, we invite you to the Jam Factory Art Center to attend the presentation of the SWAP: UK/Ukraine residency programme for artists and curators. During the event, you will meet this year's resident of the Urban Media Archive – Loreal Prystaj, and art duo of Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges, who will spend the residency at Jam Factory Art Center. Read more
November 13, 2019 Read more
November 14, 2019 Memorial Spaces On November 14, Uman will host the second training on developing inclusive approaches and practices in managing common heritage in Uman, dedicated to the role of monuments in the city in the 20th and 21st centuries. Read more
November 14, 2019 Memory Algorithms On November 14, at 6.30 pm, Mykola Makhortykh will deliver a lecture on the digital and algorithmic turn in collective memory and new opportunities, which are brought by qualitative and quantitative methods to research memory, using the case of YouTube. Read more
November 19, 2019 Architecture of Volyn Towns On November 19, at 4.00pm, welcome to the Urban Seminar by Yulia Yagodka on policy of the Second Polish Republic in developing architectural environment of Volyn Towns in the 1921-1939. Researcher will present a generalized picture of an architectural image of urban settlements. Read more
November 20, 2019 On November 20, at 6.30 pm, an artist Loreal Prystaj will be presenting the achievments of her residence at the Urban Media Archive. While investigating the film archives at CUH she is presently intrigued by detailed footage focusing on hands' as a mechanism to build, construct and make anything that exists in physical universe. Read more
November 26, 2019 Our Not Our Heritage On November 26, at 6.30pm we invite you to the discussion on how to cover the distance to Soviet in the modern academic and public discourse, and how researchers and practitioners have to work with both material and non-material Soviet heritage. Read more
November 27, 2019 Permanent Revolution On November 27, at 6.30 pm, there will be a presentation of the book by curator and art-critic Alisa Lozhkina on Ukrainian art in the XX-XXI century. The book is an attempt to build a comprehensive narrative of the history of modern art in Ukraine with a focus on the phenomenons of the Independence period. Read more
November 28, 2019 Exchanging Peoples On November 28, at 6.30 pm, we invite you to the lecture by Catherine Gousseff on the fate of the Polish and Ukrainian minorities in the New Polish-Soviet border regions, and on how did these population displacements take place, which lasted almost two years, between October 1944 and July 1946. Read more
November 29, 2019 Ideas/visions and cities of modernism On November 29, 2019, at 6.00 pm, Małgorzata Radkiewicz will deliver a lecture on the modernist vision of the city in avant-garde cinema, and compare their images and ideas with contemporary films and photographs. Read more
November 29, 2019 Informal Construction On November 29, at 4.00pm, we invite you to the Urban Seminar by Mišo Kapetanović, where he will present his research on the rising mobilities and ethnography of informal construction in post-socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such built structures (both housing and service or industrial oriented) frequently ignoring state and city regulation, development plans, and in cases, ownership rights. Read more