Events by Month

November 7, 2018 Trespassing Bergman On November 7, at 6 pm, welcome to the film screening "Trespassing Bergman" with Hynek Pallas, one of the film directors attending. The film tells about the life and key films by a Swedish film director as shared by well-known contemporary actors and directors. Read more
November 13, 2018 From Take-over to Symbolic State? On November 13, at 6.30 pm, at the Ratusha Restaurant, Vasyl Rasevych will deliver a lecture on including into the Ukrainian political and intellectual discourse the events of November 1918, in Lviv, and the change in the terminology from "November take-over" into "November Deed." Read more
November 15, 2018 The Myth of "Defense" of Lviv in the Interwar Poland On November 15, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the Ratusha Restaurant to the lecture by Jagoda Wierzejska on the analysis of a Polish myth of the "defense of Lviv" by various versions of the interwar Polish discourse, such as literary, art, publicist, and political. Read more
November 20, 2018 Surrealists from Lviv On November 20, at 6.00 pm, welcome to the National Museum in Lviv (42 Drahomanova Street) to join the talk on the heritage of Lviv Avant-Garde and its promotion. The talk will be stimulated by a film "Surrealists from Lviv" (Nadrealiści ze Lwowa, 2008), and the presentation of work on the publishing of the book on the "artes" group. Read more
November 22, 2018 1918 in the Biographies of Lviv Jews On November 22, at 6.30 pm, at the Ratusha Restaurant, Natalia Aleksiun will deliver a lecture on Jewish communities of Lviv during the turbulent 1918. She will specifically focus on the attitudes of Jewish intelligentsia, and public activists to political change after Polish and Ukrainian national movements simultaneously claimed their rights for the city. Read more
November 23, 2018 Digitizing and Maintaining [archival] Collections On November 23, an all-Ukrainian workshop on the issues in the creation and preservation of digital collections will take place. We will present the experience of the Urban Media Archive in using special software Collective Access. Please, register to attend. Read more
November 28, 2018 The City at War On November 28, at 6.30 pm, at the Ratusha Restaurant, will be the presentation of the Interactive Map on everyday practices in Lviv through the perspective of the short but definitive weeks in November 1918. Read more