Events by Month

September 4, 2018 Underworld On September 4, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the final city walk in our series focused on the survival story of the family of a little girl Krystyna Chiger and her family, along with six more survivors who managed to save their souls hiding in the sewers of Lviv during the 14 months after the Jewish ghetto liquidation in the late May 1943. Read more
September 5, 2018 Constructing Identity On September 5, at 4 pm, during the Urban Seminar Jamie Freeman will present his research on Soviet manipulation of public space that were meant to ease the complex transition of East Prussia from Königsberg into Kaliningrad. Read more
September 7, 2018 Lviv Brand On September 7, at 4 pm, welcome to the film screening "Lviv Brand" and "A Family New and Free" accompanied by the lecture by Bohdan Shumylovych, the coordinator of the Center’s Urban Media Archive. They tell about the renowned factories of Lviv and show how people of different professions were transforming the city. Read more
September 8, 2018 Lychakivska, 15 On September 8, at 2.30 pm, welcome to the city walk on the history of one residential block at Lychakivska Street. It is "hiding" a classicist villa, and it used to place a carpentry of Jan Smutny. The tour will focus on architecture and on traces of urban development of Lviv of the late 18th – mid 20th centuries. through those buildings. Read more
September 8, 2018 Open Form On September 8, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw hosts a presentation of the results of an international urban summer school "Open form" and the discussion on intellectual and material heritage of the second half of the 20th century. Read more
September 10, 2018 SWAP On September 10, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the presentation of the SWAP: UK/Ukraine residency programme for artists and curators. You will learn about the objectives, eligibility criteria, and importance of such exchange initiatives for artistic milieus of Ukraine and the UK. In addition, you will be introduced to this year residents of the Urban Media Archive and the Jam Factory Art Center. Read more
September 19, 2018 A Twice-told Story On September 19, at 4 pm, at the Urban Seminar, Jens Adams will present his paper on Europeanization, citymaking and the reshaping of urban infrastructure. In particular, the focus will be on the change of relations between the three components of the city, such as urban imaginaries, urban materialities and forms of urban conviviality. Read more
September 20, 2018 Company Towns of the Donbas On September 20, at 5.30 pm, welcome to the book presentation "LABOUR, EXHAUSTION, AND SUCCESS: company towns of the Donbas". We shall talk about the stereotypical stories of the Donbas and its photo images, about everyday life and the development of urban space, and also about the relations between people in the towns founded around manufacturing facilities. Read more
September 20, 2018 Who Changes Sykhiv? On September 20, at 7 pm, welcome to join the talk about the volume "Sykhiv: Spaces, Memories, Practices". The book will be the ground for the talk about how researchers, activists, decision-makers, and citizens build their relations with the urban space and with local communities. Read more
September 21, 2018 Fantastic Grabiński On September 21, at 6 pm, welcome to Vasyl Stefanyk Lviv National Scientific Library of Ukraine to attend a book presentation by Joanna Majewska "Daemon of Movement, Spirit of Time, Ghosts of Places. Fantastic Grabiński and His World." The book tells about the world of the writer Stefan Grabiński centered in Lviv. Read more
September 22, 2018 "Demon of Movement" is Heading for Lviv On September 22, at 12.00 pm, welcome to the city walk in search for the space created by the author Stefan Grabiński where he was creating a mystic world of his works. During the walk, Joanna Majewska and Andriy Bondarenko will take you to places related to the writer, and offer a context for the presence of these sites in his life. Read more
September 25, 2018 Popular Science in Habsburg Lviv On September 25, at 4 pm, welcome to the Urban Seminar of the Center’s grant recipient Martin Rohde on popular science in Lviv in 1892–1914. The research will present changes in approaches to forms and ideas of popular science, as well as trends in the development of Ukrainian intelligentsia. Read more
September 26, 2018 Between the Frontlines On September 26, at 6.30 pm, Oleh Pavlyshyn will deliver a lecture on internment of civilians during the 1918–1919 Ukrainian-Polish war and the process and participants of concluding the Agreement on the Treatment of Prisoners-of-War and the Interned Persons. Read more
September 27, 2018 Summer Schools in Odessa Talk on the Education Initiatives,Challenges and Opportunities Read more