Events by Month

June 7, 2018 Talk to Teachers On June 7, at 4 pm, teachers are invited to join the talk with Rachel Stevens. The topics include local aspects of the Second World War; teaching history of the Holocaust with the use of memories from the urban space; and issues of inclusion of ethnic communities when learning about the history of the city in schools. Read more
June 9, 2018 Talk on Mapping at Urban Workshop On May 9, at 7.45 pm, welcome to the conversation on mapping methods from two different perspectives and experiences – to the educational programs with children and teenagers, as illustrated with the project "All Will Be Sykhiv" (Center for Urban History) and the project of collecting stories "Tell a Story" (Jam Factory Art Center). Read more
June 12, 2018 How Societies Remember? On June 12, at 6 pm, the memorial Museum of totalitarian regimes "Territory of Terror" will host the first screening of a documentary "De fac-to" about addressing history and rethinking processes in the "post-factum" society, followed by a discussion about the history and commemorative practices of the Second World War in Lviv. Read more
June 20, 2018 Prisons and Religion On June 20, at 6.30 pm, Felix Ackerman will deliver a lecture on the spatial organization of prisons of Lviv, Vilno, and Rawicz after the Partitions of Poland that reflected the contemporary multiethnic and multireligious nature of those cities. Read more
June 21, 2018 Presentation of the Map and a Talk: Modernism in Lviv On June 21, at 6.30 pm, the URBAN Library will host a presentation of the map of the modernist architecture in the interwar Lviv, as part of the project "Lviv Interactive" and a talk about the heritage of modernism with architects and citizens. Read more
June 23, 2018 City Walk: Lviv Modernism On June 23, at 12 am, welcome to the city walk along the architecture of modernism of the interwar Lviv. During the walk, we shall talk about the impact that modernization of urban life produced on new views on architecture and the city in general, and how they interacted with the available urban space. Registration required. Read more
June 26, 2018 City Development and Society On June 26, at 4 pm, during the Urban Seminar, Aleksandr Lupienko will present his research of perception and images of the architecture of Lviv in the late 19th century, which found its expression in official documents, and also in media (technical and daily), in guide books of Lviv, and in memories of the citizens. Read more