Events by Month

February 1, 2018 Symbolic Appropriation of the Carpathians On February 1, at 6.30 pm, Jagoda Wierzejska and Bohdan Shumylovych delivered their lecture on ideologization of Eastern Carpathians in the interwar Poland and in Soviet Ukraine in the 1960s, and the attempts to make out of their natural scenery the symbolic national landscape. Read more
February 7, 2018 Cinematic Visions. New York On February 7, at 6.30 pm, we launch a series of film screenings "Cinematic Visions. American Cities and Architecture in Documentaries" with the film about a well-known female urbanist Jane Jacobs and her civic activities in New York in the 1960s. Read more
February 15, 2018 Expecting (from) Architecture On February 15, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the lecture by Vladimir Shlapeta on architecture of Modernism in the interwar Czechoslovakia and its impact on the development of functionalism in Europe. The lecture will offer a platform to talk not only about modernism as heritage object but also about those who created the buildings, and lived therein. Read more