Events by Month

November 4, 2017 City Walk Along Literary Lviv On November 4, at 12 pm, yet another city walk is scheduled on the basis of the materials processed within the Lviv Interactive project. Researchers Viktor Martyniuk and Danylo Ilnytskyi will take you on a walk along the literary life of 1939-1941 Lviv based on the memories of Ukrainian and Polish writers. Read more
November 10, 2017 Placeless/Placeness On November 10, there will be an International Workshop "Placeless/Placeness: Ideas of Rights and Justice in Eastern Europe”. It will discuss transformations in international law after the First and Second World Wars, as well as the challenges in the area of human rights and ideas of justice in the present-day world. Read more
November 11, 2017 Return to Lviv On November 11, at 7 pm, welcome to Lviv Philharmonic Hall to attend a music drama performance "East-West Street. A Song of Good and Evil" based on the world bestseller by Philippe Sands about two alumni of Lviv University who introduced the terms of "genocide" and "crime against humanity" thus changing modern international law. Read more
November 16, 2017 Regarding the Pain of Others On November 16, at 6.30 pm, professor Małgorzata Radkiewicz concludes the lectures and discussions program accompanying the "(un)named" exhibition with a lecture on modern photography and video and on how media images are shaping modern perceptions of the world. Read more
November 23, 2017 But Is It Kitsch On November 23, at 6.30 pm, Bohdan Shumylovych presents a lecture on the history of kitsch and its role in philosophy, art, and pop culture, and on how kitsch had become part of present-day everyday reality, particularly in Ukraine. Read more
November 30, 2017 Guided Tours In November, we continue the series of meetings at the "(un)named" exhibition. Welcome to guided excursions with Andriy Usach, Nikita Kadan, Iryna Sklokina, and a curator Sofia Dyak. Read more