Events by Month

October 5, 2017 The Need to Forget – the Willingness to See On October 5, at 6.30 pm, a Polish artist Mirosław Bałka and an independent curator Lizaveta Herman will be talking about how modern art addresses contested subjects of the past, and about the role of an artist in a public discussion on history. Read more
October 10, 2017 Live(through) the 1990s On October 10, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the presentation of the education platform on the 1990s history in games, photographs, maps, and texts. The project resulted from a year long project for students "Distant-Near History." Read more
October 13, 2017 Physical Anthropology at Lviv University On October 13, at 4 pm, the Center’s scholarship holder Maria Rhode will deliver a lecture on how the approach to the study of physical anthropology developed in Lviv in 1913-1944, and how the interpretation of the discipline had been changing over this period. Read more
October 19, 2017 Who Whom? On October 19, at 6.30 pm, John-Paul Himka will be telling about the mistakes and confusions during the identification of murderers and victims in Ukraine during the Second World War, and contribution of Soviet propaganda to this process. Read more
October 21, 2017 City Walk Tour through Neo-Gothic . Lviv from the Perspective of the History of Five Buildings Read more
October 23, 2017 Home Movie Day Film Shows and a Talk About Amateur Films and Home Video Archives Read more
October 25, 2017 Author Guided Tours at the “(un)named” Exhibition In October, on Wednesdays, at 6.30 pm, welcome to continue the series of discussions and talks at the "(un)named" exhibition, with historians, art critics, and authors of the exhibition. They will be discussing historical contexts of photographs, manipulating with visual sources, and the problems of distance and violence in art. Read more