Events by Month

June 8, 2017 The Un-Polish Poland On June 8 at 6.00 pm, Dr Tomasz Kamuzella will give a lecture on the development of historical narrative in contemporary Poland, on how the artificial continuity is established between the present-day Poland and the First and Second Republics, while skipping the Communist era. Read more
June 12, 2017 City vs Capital: a Complicated Biography of Kyiv On June 12 at 6.00 pm, we invite you to a presentation of a collection of scholarly articles on new approaches to studying Kyiv of the late 19th – mid 20th century with the discussion of the impact the history of the capital had of the development of its present-day image as a living organism and a dynamic space. Read more
June 16, 2017 Read more
June 20, 2017 Working with Waste Seminar on Repurposing the Military Industrial Leftovers in a Post-Soviet City Read more
June 29, 2017 Between Moscow and Kyiv Lecture by Markian Dobczansky on Shaping of an Identity and Memory of the Soviet Kharkiv Read more