Events by Month

April 3, 2017 Urban Seminar: Sovietization and Polish Jews On April 3, at 5.00 pm, at the Urban Seminar Eliyana Adler will present part of her broader research on Polish Jews surviving the Second World War as refuges and deportees to the USSR. She will focus on the Soviet occupation of the country in 1939 and the response of Polish Jews to the new circumstances. Read more
April 4, 2017 Explosive Words: Ukrainian Literature of the 1990s On April 4, at 6.30 pm, Olena Haleta will discuss Ukrainian literature of the 1990s. How can the literary explosion at the turn of epochs be explained? What topics did the literature pursue? How did it manage to build links between the past and the present? Learn more in the digression to the world of words and texts of the 1990s. Read more
April 5, 2017 Seminar in Researching Soviet On April 5, at 2.00 pm, researchers and students are invited to an academic seminar to discuss how to study the Soviet period. Which topics and issues are relevant? What are the challenges for a scholar in Soviet studies? Read more
April 8, 2017 City Walk: History of Bohomoltsia street On April 8, at 1.00 pm, join Olha Zarechniuk for a walk along Bohomoltsia Street and learn about its stories, planning, and architecture. The walk is part of the series of walks around Lviv designed with material from the "Lviv Interactive" project. Read more
April 11, 2017 Book Presentation: Urban Studies Collection On April 11, at 6.00 pm, a presentation of the third edition of the collection of academic articles "Urban Studies" will take place. The collection highlights the importance of rethinking the role of open spaces within a city in historical, social, economic, cultural, and geographic contexts. Read more
April 20, 2017 Urban Seminar: Soviet Media and Local Culture On April 20, at 4.00 pm, the Urban Seminar will cover the study of Bohdan Shumylovych on the media-scape of Lviv in the 1950-80s, the relation between the center and the peripheries that stimulated innovation and regression at the same time, shaping mass Sovietization of Ukrainian culture, as well as its nationalization. Read more
April 25, 2017 Photography More Than Photography On April 25, at 6.30 pm, Andrij Bojarov will have a talk with Tadeusz Rolke, the author of photographs for the exhibition "Tomorrow Will Be Better". They will discuss photo documenting as a genre of reportage and present his autobiographical book "Tadeusz Rolke. My Passion." Read more
April 26, 2017 Guided Tour Excursion by Vasyl Rasevych on the Main Events and Cultural Processes in Lviv in 1990s Read more