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Architecture as Lifestyle
24 October 2019
On October 24, 2019, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the discussion "Architecture as Lifestyle: on the Personal and the Personalities of Konsulovs"  as part of the accompanying program to the exhibition "Phototecture of Modernism."

 Professional activities of the couple of Anatoliy and Muza Konsulovs, some of the brightest architects who worked in the 1960-80s in Lviv, cover a wide range of what architecture is. In addition to the implemented projects, the well known buildings of the "Dniester" hotel and the "Lviv" hotel, buildings Four and Five of Lviv Polytechnics, a student canteen at the Academy of Arts, and many other buildings, professional activities of Anatoliy and Muza Konsulovs included much of theoretical and creative research, experimental design, and teaching. Architecture was an integral part of their everyday routines, and even of the personal life. After all, according to Muza Konsulova herself, architecture was a way of thinking, while an architect was a lifestyle.

During the discussion, we shall talk, among other things, about how different approaches and kinds of activities within the discipline help preserve a critical approach and sensitivity to the profession, and how they correlate with what architecture is today; how cooperation with the Konsulovs impacted the professional growth of their pupils. The talk will be joined by Viacheslav Jakubowski, an architect and a teacher, and Oresta Remeshylo-Rybchynska, an architect and a teacher, students of Konsulovs, and Kateryna Konsulova, a grand-daughter of Anatoliy and Muza Konsulovs, who followed the footsteps of the architectural dynasty.

The meeting continues a series of public events within the exhibition "Phototecture of Modernism".

Oresta Remeshylo-Rybchynska – an architect, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate professor at the Department of Design and Fundamentals of Architecture, Institute of Architecture, "Lviv Polytechncis" NU
Viacheslav Jakubowski — an architect, senior lecturer at the Department of Architectural Design, Institute of Architecture, "Lviv Polytechnics" NU.
Kateryna Konsulova — an architect, a grand-daughter of Anatoliy and Muza Konsulovs 
Moderator – Natalia Mysak, an architect, researcher at the Center for Urban History, curator of the exhibition "Phototecture of Modernism."