Events by Day

12 September 2019 City for/without the state On September 12-13, a workshop will take place in Kyiv to launch a series of annual events "How Cities Remember and How Cities Forget." One of the goals is to actualize an expert discussion and critical rethinking of memory in the city, opportunities to shape in the city of Kyiv, and the key challenges in the process. Read more
12 September 2019 "It Will Get Better" On September 12, at 6.30 pm, we invite you to the film screening "It Will Get Better" / Będzie lepiej (Michał Waszyński, 1936) accompanied by a lecture by Tsanislav Tsalyk and Oleh Chornyi. The film first showed a popular humorous duet of Tońko and Szczepko, the hosts of a famous radio show "Fun Lviv Wave." Read more