Events by Day

6 September 2019 Not Only "Virmenka" On September 6, at 4 pm, we invite you to join the city walk on the sites of creative communities of Lviv of perestroika times and the early 1990s. You will see the well-known and unknown hotspots. We will tell you about the leisure of artists, painters, and everyone who shared the space and time with them. Read more
6 September 2019 Mass Festivities in Lviv On September 6, at 5.30 pm, there will be a screening of archive materials on the media and mass festivities in Lviv. We shall overview mass events in Lviv, from the 1877 Agriculture and Industry Exhibition to the Vyvykh (Dislocation) Festival in 1992. Read more
6 September 2019 Between Ideology and Culture On September 6, at 6 pm, we invite you to the city walk on cultural life and entertainment as illustrated by Lviv of the Second World War period, about how cultural institutions were becoming places for power representations, spaces of exclusion and violence for some urban communities, and opportunities for self-actualization for others. Read more