Events by Day

14 April 2019 Ludwik Fleck and His Thought Collectives On April 11-14, an international workshop dedicated to a microbiologist Ludwik Fleck, his philosophic legacy and historical context feeding his ideas, will take place. Workshop participants will explore the social landscape of the interwar Lviv where different ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups co-existed and co-created. Read more
12 April 2019 Die Ungleichzeitigkeit des Gleichzeitigen On April 12, at 6 pm, the Grand Hall of Lviv City Council will host a public lecture by Marci Shore about life during interwar period when fascism and Bolshevism, fragmentation and wholeness, transparency and concealment, nihilism and idealism, determinism and contingency, individualism and collectivism, Eros and Thanatos - all were present in excess, and extremity. Read more