Events by Day

7 March 2019 Contested Chapters of the Shared History On March 6-7, a workshop for tour guides will take place within the project "ReHERIT: Common Responsibility for Shared Heritage." It will focus on the Second World War in Lviv. The program aims at enhancing the competences of tour guides (city guides) in dealing with complicated topics of Lviv’s multicultural past, with the contested stories of different historical memories, and their interpretations. Read more
7 March 2019 Movements Across Borders International Workshop on Postwar Migrations and Experiences of Borderland People Read more
6 March 2019 Wisła Operation On March 6, at 4.30 pm, in Sheptytskyi Center, there will be a lecture by Grzegorz Motyka on deportations of Ukrainian population and the same time anti-insurgent actions within the Wisła Operation in 1947. The researcher will be talking about the place of these events in the 20th-century Polish history, as well as in the Polish-Ukrainian dialogue on the past. Read more
6 March 2019 Fear Anatomy On March 6, at 6.30 pm, welcome to the Sheptytskyi Center to see the presentation of the book by Damian Markowski on Sovietization of Lviv region. The author highlights the processes of harsh unification and radical transformations of the region that was supposed to be another arena for the enforcement of Communist visions and the establishment of the new reality and the new human. Read more