Events by Day

City Walk
29 July 2018
On July 29, at 1 pm, welcome to the city walk "Underworld: Holocaust Survival in the Sewers of Lviv". 

When World War II ended, less than 1,000 of Lviv’s 160,000 Jews had survived. This tour focuses on the story of ten of those survivors who found refuge in the sewer: Jacob Berestycki – a devout man who held Shabbat services, Ignacy and Paulina Chiger – and their children Pawel and Krystyna, Klara Keler – a young woman whose sister was held at the Janowska Camp, Mundek Margulies – a risk taker, a comedian, Chaskiel Orenbach – a quiet hard worker whose brother was murdered, Genia Weinberg – a young pregnant woman, Halina Wind – an intellectual who loved to debate ideas. They would not have lived without the protection and aid of three Polish sewer workers; Leopold Socha – a reformed thief who wanted redemption, Stefak Wróblewski -  the foreman of the crew, Jerzy Kowalów – the lookout on the street.

The remarkable story is often unknown to residents and visitors. An Academy Award nominated film, In Darkness, was released in 2011 about these events. 
The city walk will be conducted by Olena Andronatiy. Olena is a journalist, a tour guide, a researcher of history of Jews of Galicia, participant and organizer of over 100 expeditions in Ukraine and in Poland to describe remains of Jewish cemeteries, lecturer in Jewish history and traditions in international projects for teenagers.

The walk will be offered again during the summer (the dates for July and August will be specified later.).

The walking tour on June, 5, was conducted by the author Jack Wright, a US geographer.