Events by Day

2 July 2018 Memory Policy On July 2, at 4 pm, the Memorial Museum "Territory of Terror" will host a round-table with researchers, journalists, and civic activists who will discuss the memory policies in Ukraine and Israel, and get acquainted with the cases of commemorative practices from Lviv public space. Read more
2 July 2018 (Un)Survived in the Holocaust On July 2, at 5.30 pm, welcome to the Memorial Museum "Territory of Terror" to a lecture by Adam Redzik about the family of professor Maurycy Allerhand who perished in the Holocaust in Lviv. We will listen to a story based on Maurycy’s diaries and memories of his grandson Leszek. It will cover the pre-war Lviv, tragedy of the Second World War and the relation to the city by the end of Leszek life. Read more