Initiative about Ludwig von Mises in Lviv

This year marks 130 years since the birth of Ludwig von Mises, one of the most distinguished founders of the Austrian School. He was born in one of most known families of Lviv and his father was actively engaged into building railways in Galicia.

To mark the anniversary of Ludwig von Mises’ birth the local office of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine has prepared an international conference "Economy and Bureacracy in 'Open Society'". Another initiative - to unveil a memorial sign on a building where von Mises family lived and where Ludwig von Mises was born - comes from a group of journalists. The Center extends help to both initiatives as a part of its general agenda to support local academic and public outreach efforts in promoting Lviv's history and heritage.

The organizing committee for the memorial sign includes: Oleksandr Martynov, Editor of the Austrian School of Economics in Ukrainian website; Volodymyr Zolotarov, journalist, political commentator, and former Political Editor for Den and Kontrakty; Petro Bilyan, journalist, candidate of historical sciences, and Editor of the government section of the weekly Business; Marat Yakupov, journalist, and candidate of historical sciences; Volodymyr Dubrovskyy, Senior Economist at the Center for Social and Economic Research CASE-Ukraine; Vasyl Khomyn, Editor of the Vholos website.

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About memorial sign please contact Petro Bilan

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